Wednesday, April 29, 2009

life's little stinkies

One of our two cats, and though we have one in mind, we're not entirely sure which one, has been voiding in inappropriate places of late. At first we thought it was due to a change in the food- a change required by their vet (one of them has developed diabetes). THAT series of unfortunate stinkies usually happened near the box though, with other spots seeming to be surprises to the cats (ie- ooops came out rather quickly).
But we finally found a food that seems to be better on their system- the texture of their stinkies no longer looked like oops, and for the most part they go in the box.
The box is cleaned daily, has plenty of litter....
So why are we, every third or fourth day or so, getting stinkies in inappropriate places? Like by the kitchen table, in the kitchen, or near their food by the stand, by the window? (It's a small apartment, and thankfully they have not done this in the bedroom *knock wood*).

Any ideas? The givens are the food and water, the temperature, our time spent with them, basically everything is the same. The food has been the same for some time now, and like I said has been easier on their systems (If not our wallets). The environment has not changed (no construction or loud noises, etc).
It's getting to where I hold my breath in the morning when I open the door, and slowly test the air for that foul stench before taking a first real breath.


  1. Since it centers in the kitchen, has there been a change in cleaning products? If not, maybe there's some anxiety issues going on. There are products sold at pet stores that may help like Good Cat/Pet Organics that are safe for all kitty's in the household and not just the nutty ones!

  2. This is what happened to us with Merlin, and we tried ALL KINDS OF THINGS!!!!! Nothing worked, so finally we started letting him go outside, you know, like a dog, and he's been perfect ever since. Of course, he always did want to be a half outdoors cat, anyway...and I've always said he's more like a dog than a cat, besides. I think that was his way of telling us. I also realize, however, this is not an option for, no help here, I'm afraid. But he had never given us any problems, them BAM. It was like he was just done, and he wanted us to know it.


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