Friday, July 17, 2009

A big Friday

Today is a big Friday for us. This afternoon we'll *hopefully* get to find out if this baby will be a girl or a boy. Some people prefer not knowing these types of things until the kid is on the other side of the womb and squalling at the abrupt eviction. We, on the other hand, will always pick knowing over not knowing. We're information addicts and this is a pretty big bit of information. For one thing, it will be good to know if we need to plan a Bris (for a boy) or a baby naming (for a girl).

A Bris is a Jewish tradition of torturing new mothers by requiring them to, 8 days after giving birth, leave their house and interact with large quantities of people they are related to/acquainted with. Oh, and there's the whole circumcision thing too. I hear that's pretty hard on moms.

I'll make a point to post a note here letting y'all know. In the mean time, I am sitting at work watching Excel struggle with 3 years' worth of data. I just *love* it when a task is so big that every action causes Excel to torment me with the threat of the new blue screen of death: "(not responding)"


  1. Yes, it will hurt you all over...the circumcision. Every time you change that little diaper until it heals, you'll cringe and then scoop them up and hug them when you're done, like "poor little baby!" It really looks a lot worse than it is. And it looks...well, pretty bad, to tell the truth. I was very alarmed. Thankfully, the doctor prepared us for what to expect. Still...shudder.


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