Sunday, July 19, 2009

It is a boy

Hi all! Sorry to keep you hanging! Our little boy wasn't shy at all! I am so excited! I wished for a little boy. (Because Bris aside, I just knew I would love being the mommy to a little boy. We're talking Tonka dump trucks! Fire engines!) We're going to nickname him Ranger.
The docs were very pleased with how everything is going. I am technically highrisk since I have one single gene for this blood clotting thing that can lead to something called preclampsia, which is not a good thing. Given that I only have half the gene for it, none of the docs are too worried. SO I get the outstanding attention and care given to high risk moms to be, but without the intense fear factor other high risk moms have.
Halfway through and I'm feeling fine (for someone who is 20 weeks along anyhow).

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