Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hi I'm still here

Just in case you started to worry when a new post didn't pop up Monday, and again Tuesday...and most of Wednesday...I am here.

There are many things I COULD post about. But not too much is interesting. I wake up. I eat my first breakfast. I give the cat his insulin and put out their food. I have my second breakfast then do all the bathroom things like makeup and hair before playing with the cats. Then I bring the cats into the bedroom and we wake E up. Get to work, have my third breakfast. Work then eat. Work then eat (I'm leaving out the multiple trips to the ladies room). Wait for the bus, ride the bus, and finally get in the door starving and E makes dinner (he's been great about this whole pregnant thing and food is still not always my friend- if he didn't make it, probably we'd be having cereal every meal). I shower and get ready for bed. I read. I attempt to sleep. Repeat.

Whoooooboy was that fun!

I'd rather tell you about how my parents have been sending flamingos to unsuspecting family members, who then turn around and scheme to send them to other unsuspecting family members. Because of course it's funny when a flock of plastic flamingos, or even two plastic flamingos show up randomly in your yard.

I of course was boasting that I have no yard and live in a doorman building so there would be no flamingo-ing of us (boast followed by laughter bwahaha).

The lesson here is never underestimate the power of a nice polite letter (accompanied by a tip) in a box sent directly to the doorman. Whose name I provided during a rambling monologue on city living thinking that my mom was just trying to find out information for coworkers who were considering a job offer in NYC.


  1. Is that cut out of a flamingo on the door? Oh my goodness! Your mom is a hoot!

  2. That is the best. No--THE BEST.

  3. Oh, that's hilarious! I would have loved to see your faces when you saw that thing!!!

  4. That is awesome. Your mom rocks!


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