Monday, July 13, 2009


These are some pictures I took the last few days.
When we were downtown, I didn't take too many because I hate looking like a tourist, especially in an area so full of tourists.
The first one is Stone st. It's basically a short block made up of mostly taverns. They set out picnic type tables in the street. I'm guessing it's a lively place at night. They were just setting up when we were there.

This next photo is of a globe thingy that survived the 9/11 attacks.

This is Wall st. You can tell because I took a picture of the street sign.

This weekend we also spent some happy time chilling out under the trees and enjoying Riverside Park.

These advertisements are everywhere. I'm just including it here because I find them incredibly funny. Plus, that's one of the brand new bus stops and I think they're really nifty looking.

This one tomato and two beans are the results of my "garden"- the quarter is there for size. I planted small tomatoes, but boy was this one small!

Later I cut the tomato in half so each of use could have one piece. It was yummy for all that it was hardly a bite.

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  1. Well, don't feel too badly about the garden. I have NO beans yet, though my plants are as tall as me. Something is eating the blooms as soon as it makes a bloom, so it never makes the bean. And I sprayed. Groan. Though maybe I didn't spray enough, since it's been raining a LOT...washes all the insecticide off. shrug. Oh, well.


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