Friday, July 31, 2009

Tim Horton's in NYC!

Today instead of our traditional Friday Morning Coffee at the Starbucks in Lincoln center, I had to go to an appointment near 34th, so we took the subway to Penn station and were going to have Starbucks there. That line was entirely too long, so we started to part ways. I was halfway up the escalator when E started calling to me. I turned around at the top and went to see what was up.

E was so excited. You have to see this, he said. I saw this as I was walking away and just had to run and get you.

I was trying to think what he could possibly have seen in Penn Station that would get him so excited.

Turns out that last weekend they converted several Dunkin' Donuts to Tim Horton's!

If you've never had Tim Horton's, well, they're uber yummy. I am told their coffee is divine (I don't drink Coffee). Their doughnuts are very distinct from Dunkin D and Krispy Kreme's. I love them (I love Krispy Kreme's too, but in a different way- like how you can love chocolate chip cookies and chocolate ice cream both at once because they're different).

We grabbed four old fashioned doughnuts and I had a water and E had an iced decaf latte. So, we got to have our Friday Morning Coffee. And I got a free mug thingy- one of those coffee cups with the handles and lids- that says Tim Horton's hearts NYC.

The only downer was that the Taco Bell that shared the space for seating decided to clean something that sent up a steamy cloud of stench when I was about 2/3 of the way through my first doughnut. That smell ruined it for me. It was a greasy vomit smell that lingers in the back of your throat. Ick. I packed my second doughnut away in my bag and we left.

Boy that second doughnut was tastey when I got to work after my appointment.

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