Thursday, August 27, 2009

advice unasked for

It's not often that anyone in my family gives unasked for advice. In fact, it's rather rare. But of late my older brother has mentioned several times that he thinks we should look into buying a house. That after the baby comes we'll fill our small apartment up with stuff and need more space. Thankfully the last time he mentioned it, he also said he'd stop mentioning it.

The problem lies in lifestyle differences. He lives in Alabama in the suburbs. I have seen his house- it's very cute, has lots of room, and a large corner lot yard for my nephew to play in. I would love to have something like it.

But I have surprised myself by how much I enjoy living in the city. There's no driving ( I hate driving/riding as a passenger, especially in bad weather). The lifestyle is healthier because we walk pretty much everywhere. Everything we need is rather close, or can be ordered through and be there quickly (we have Prime membership, so 2 day shipping is free for most things).

We never have to worry about a lawn. If something isn't working, maintenance shows up in minutes, apologizing for taking so long to respond. (Granted, the maintenance folks and the other people who make our lives easier wouldn't be as helpful in every apartment building- we once had to insist that the night maintenance come up and check out a gas leak- that was in a different apartment). We don't have to shout to hear each other any where in the apartment.

Since he's never lived in the city, and like me some years ago, couldn't imagine what it's like to live in the city, his advice is based on what he knows. And he is my big brother, trying to look out for me.

I'm still coming to terms with what I would love to have (a house, a yard with room to play and plant in) and what I like (living in the city). Thankfully no decisions need to be made now.

And thankfully, my brother will probably not bring it up again. My family is pretty good at respecting each other's decisions even if we don't agree with them.


  1. Who says you have to do the whole house thing right away? You can still go that route (if/when you decide you want to) a little later down the road. You know what's right for you and that's all that matters.

  2. Rent-to-own home is another good option in purchasing a house especially if your funds is not that sufficient for a downpayment and monthly mortgage. Just be open with the seller on some conditions on your contract so that both will have the advantage on the set-up.


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