Thursday, October 1, 2009

Game night

In my last post, in the picture of my bulk paper goods, you can see a few board games, Cranium being the most clearly identified. E and I love board games. When my brother moved to Montgomery 3 months before we were leaving, we spent several happy evenings playing games with them.

We've tried a few times to have a game night, we have a nice selection, from Trivial Pursuit to Scrabble, the Air Force and Buffalo takes on Monopoly, and others. We did have one successful game night with AF Monopoly...more than two years ago. Since then each time we tried no one could in, they said they'd try to come and then at the last minute (after we've gotten snacks and such) they can't. One time the only couple who came, arrived two hours after the time we'd set for starting.

I would love to have a game night. They're so much fun. And if we did it more frequently, we could get LIFE and other fun games too!

For now I must be content losing at Scrabble on Facebook to E's sister-in-law.


  1. Oh, I love board games, too! Well, my husband and I don't play them much, but when we all gather at my sister's for Thanksgiving, it's three days of Cranium and Scrabble. Those are our games of choice. We'd probably play others except that with so many people and constant distractions, those take up a lot of time.

    I used to beg my husband to play monopoly, but he always wins and, well, that gets old after a while.

  2. well, I'm not a board game gal, but lately in an effort to do "family time" (and teach the 5 year old that no, in fact, he canNOT always win), we've broken out Uno (and Spin Uno) and Blokus. Uno is basically fancy Crazy Eights, but anything--ANYTHING--is better than Candyland. I feel that I should warn you, as a mom to a soon-to-be mom, that there are few things worse in life than playing Candyland (85 gazillion times)... unless it's chutes and ladders. Consider yourself warned!


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