Monday, January 12, 2009

Another fear added to my living in NYC list

Apparently Scarelet fever is something you just have to deal with in NYC when you have kids
I already have to worry about having a kid who picks up stuff off the sidewalk (have you seen what's on the sidewalk here?),

And getting down the subway stairs with a stroller,

And getting in and out of the subway without setting of the emergency exit alarm (why can't they have a handicaped/stroller entrance just for that purpose instead of making you go ask the attendant to open the emergency exit door?)

And a ton of other things I worry about as I think of being a mom in NYC. I can now add Scarelt Fever to my list. Yippee.

I see people doing this sucessfully, and read about it in NYC moms and Metrodad but it still freaks me out when I think about doing it myself. Good thing this whole conception thing is taking a while. I'll have more time to envision myself doing these things.


  1. My husband and I went on a two week road trip that started in NYC and took us throughout New England. It was amazing.

    However, on our first day in the city, we had to manuever the PATH train, each with two pieces of luggage. Did I mention it was on a MONDAY at 5:00PM???

    And people think our Los Angeles freeways are bad!

  2. Any subway or train station, on any week day during rush tough for locals and is especially though on luggage bearing travelers (and if it's the start of a holiday? Forget it!). I hope you had a good time in NYC any how, Stephanie. Sounds like the itinerary was fun.


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