Monday, January 12, 2009

Mondays are like vampires

Mondays seem to suck the life out of me.
Even if I get a good night's sleep (sorta, at least a good night sleep for me any how), even if I have a great to do list complied on my Franklin Covey planner... I get to work and sit down and struggle to stay on task. While I'm *attempting* to work, I manage to read the blogs I follow, which number around 20 right now. If I haven't already read the funnies, I hit my link list and chuckle my way through that list of... last I counted there were 18 funnies on my list. By the time I get through all my lists of links, the first hour of work is gone. And any energy I had when I first arrived (having walked two miles in the freezing cold because I'm absolutely insane and hate riding the subways unless it's WET and cold), all that energy is sucked away by the mystical forces of Monday.
At least today I set up an Access query to run in the background so that I'm actually accomplishing work.


  1. Good thinking on the access query. [what the heck is an access query?] Thanks for becoming a follower... And I hear you girlfriend this blog thing can take over my life!

  2. Ah, an Access's this really *fun* thing that you can use to get a lot of *interesting* information all at once, but the catch is that the more interesting you make your query (request) the longer it takes to grab it. I'm an analyst when I'm not lost on the blogs, so grabbing a ton of data to throw into excel is a daily thing (you can tell how much waiting I have to do by how many posts show up in one day).


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