Monday, January 12, 2009


Well, I got my First Ever comment today. Thanks Merrily for acknowledging my existence! I spent a good part of the morning updating the who I'm following list, so Merrily thanked me for being a follower, and then asked me what an Access query was. So...
I have about two minutes before my next Access query pops up done, so here goes a two minutes explanation.
Imagine you have several hundred points of data for a bunch of employees (like age, name, rank, office they work for, etc). We here at BIG INC (I made that up since I can't tell you who I work for), have many, many employees, and I am happy to provide all kinds of fascinating statistics for The Powers That Be in the upper echelon of BIG INC. So, Access allows me to get a lot of data. A query is how I get that data. I tell it, hey, I'd like to know how many of these people (enter category X) are married, single, etc, and also how many of them have kids, what degree they have, and how many years they worked somewhere other than BIG INC. This query goes through Access and out pops out some results (if I'm lucky- if I'm not lucky, it says, hey, you effed up that request and now I'm shutting down and locking you out and good luck getting the stars to align properly to let you back in the system to try again). I can then put the results in Excel and throw them into a lovely pivot table (cool tool in Excel- another post perhaps I can explain it). From there I can analyze that data three ways from Sunday. Or was it Three ways from Monday...
Ah, Times up. My query is ready.

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