Thursday, October 29, 2009

In search of a pediatrician

One of the good and bad things about living in such a big city, is you have a lot of choices for everything. I'm not talking three or four choices, I'm talking dozens just in your neighborhood.
So every time I need to find a new doctor or a specific type of store, I am faced with more options than I know what to do with.

Usually with doctors I go to the CIGNA (my insurance) website and look at who is covered, then select two to three from the list who are nearest the location I am likely to be coming from (usually home, but sometimes I know I'll be going and coming from work).

I found two that I thought sounded really good and were very close to home. The first one I called never picked up the phone. I am thinking to myself, if they don't pick up now, how do I know they'd pick up the phone if I really needed to talk to them? So, on to the next one.

The next one is even closer to home, and they picked up and were very professional. They said someone would call me to make an appointment for us to talk to the pediatrician. That was Tuesday. The fact that I haven't heard back from them makes me want to keep looking. Maybe I'll give both offices another chance.... sigh.

We have found a neat house call service. I called a while back and spoke to the doctor and he said that people primarily use the service as a sick baby gap filler- when you don't want to drag your kid to the ER at 3am, for instance, for something that isn't life threatening.

I think for well baby visits though, I'd prefer to go to an office.

So if you live in the southern part of Upper West Side, or the northern part of Lincoln square neighborhoods and have a pediatrician you recommend, please chime in.

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