Friday, October 23, 2009

Nap time in Times Square

I left work early today. I was struggling with a level of pregnancy fatigue that prevented me from doing anything without having to restart a few times or back track. When you work with numbers, and when the expectation is that you are accurate 95% of the time, it's generally a bad thing to find yourself staring at you screen with no idea of what you were just doing. So with my boss's permission I left around 2.

I decided I would see if E wanted company. Because at that moment I was so tired I just wanted my husband.

I popped into the subway and rode the E train to Times square. It was so hot in the subway car that I started to shake from overheating. Thankfully I had a big bottle of water with me, and thankfully was going only a few stops. I got turned around when I got there because once again, I was just not processing. I finally got to his office and got my much needed hug.

I had considered going home then, and wondered if E would come with me. He had some sort of lawyerly thing to finish up, so he offered the suggestion that I use his father's office (it has a couch) to rest in while he finished up, and we could go home when he was finished.

Since his father is away on some lawyerly business, no one was going to disturb me as I rested on his couch.

Except these people:

See, my husband's firm is in the Paramount building in Times Square (the building with Hard Rock), and his dad, being the big boss there, gets the nice office overlooking Times Square. You think that would be a good thing, but I can say that it is difficult to concentrate when every few moments there is a huge upcry from the crowd gathered for whatever event they've decided to throw. And, since the normal flow of traffic has been altered for this type of event, you get to hear all the annoyed cabbies honking.

Not that any of this prevented me from curling up on his couch and falling soundly asleep for a good hour and a half. And even then I only woke up because I had to use the ladies' room.

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