Sunday, October 25, 2009

Your thoughts?

Here is the question:
Is it every ok to ask someone what they paid for something- let's narrow that something and say it's housing or a big ticket item?

I'd like to know your thoughts. I will come back another post and give you my thoughts.

Oh, and for those of you following along on Twitter, we were able to stop the oven from smoking (by turning the oven off of course). Opening the windows and turning on all the vents in the apartment helped remove the smoke before it could set off any alarm. We called the front desk and asked about the cleaning cycle (doesn't that heat the oven up super hot, and wouldn't that make the smoking start again?). They sent up two maintenance guys, who made sure we hadn't done anything serious to our oven. Those two folks were very nice and tomorrow they are sending up someone who can do a solid scrape and clean job on the oven. I doubt that at 8.5 months I could handle the chemicals or the bending/reaching to get it done, so that is very nice.
So it worked out. Except that I didn't get to bake the cookies. I froze the dough in our usual 4-5 piece cookie dough logs and we'll bake up a log during the week.


  1. I personally don't mind if people ask me questions like that. I like it when people phrase the question like: "I hope you don't mind me asking, but..." And it helps if it's part of a discussion and not totally random. If that makes sense.

    A friend and I were recently talking about bicycles and he mentioned he was really interested in buying one and, if I didn't mind him asking, would I tell him how much we had paid for ours. That kinda thing works.

    Now, if he just happened to see my new bike and said, "Whoa! How much did you pay for that thing?!" then I would probably feel kind of offended.

  2. That depends on so much...Such a loaded question. I was brought up that you NEVER asked that of a gift. Though if we're not talking gifts, and you're on very close terms with someone, then I don't see much of a problem with it...if there's a logical reason for asking. Like, "I'm thinking of buying a house in Atlanta. If you don't mind, can I ask how much you pay to live there? But if I'm being rude, you don't have to tell me..." So long as you're on good enough terms to ask something like that, I don't see a problem. And, of course, my mother always just tells someone "That's rude," if it is. LOL I have a friend, however, that can be very rude without meaning to...who asks things like "How much did you pay for your house" with no good reason, and it bugs me. She's wondering if we paid too much, if we will be able to resell without losing money one day, and honestly, it's none of her business. If she DOES HAPPEN to think I paid too much, then I don't want to hear it from her, you know? That said, I do know she means well, so I don't get mad. It's just annoying.


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