Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I figure if I'm going to be all illogical and hormonal I might as well pick a subject line that matches, right?

So, things I have thought in the last five minutes:

Mmmmm Rolos. If the Greeks had had Rolos, there would be a Goddess Rolo.

Is this thing on (referring to my work's instant message thingy since it had been a whole 30 seconds since I asked someone a question and they hadn't responded yet).

Must. Stay. Awake.

drat! I was three points up in scrabble until my sister in law hit the triple word square. Now I'm not sure I can get near her scrabble superiority.

Ow. That's my rib you're kicking Ranger.

Wonder if I could get a nap in before dinner.

What are we getting E's grandma for Hanukkah?

Why do I keep having dreams in which the cats are OUT OF THEIR CARRIERS and I desperately need to hold on to them so they don't get hurt.

mmm. Rolos.


  1. I have no idea..about the dreams, only that when you're pregnant, apparently you have crazy dreams. Or if you're just us, in general. LOL Did I tell you I was on a plane with the muppets the other night? LOL
    Rolos are good, but Reese's...sigh. There's the combination I can't get enough of. I still love that old Reese's commercial where this guy in old Bible times drops his chocolate in peanut butter and "discovers" it, all the while fussing at that crazy Noah building that boat...and then it starts to rain. Supposed to be how the discovery was lost. It was a lot funnier than I tell it. :) Mmm...caramelos are good too...I miss the Cadbury bars they had in England. Sigh. Wish I knew someone who could mail me about five. :)


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