Wednesday, February 3, 2010

In the neighborhood

We live close to Lincoln Center.  They've been doing a lot of construction on the performing arts centers, some of it mostly cosmetic.  I walked by today and noticed something in motion on the stairs.  And by on the stairs, I mean literally.  The top few stairs had "welcome" scrolling across them, the next had numbers, which I figured identified the order in which the workers should place them.  I don't think I captured the workers in the picture.  The way they had to lay in order to install the lights, it looked like they were homeless people settling in for a sleep.

Speaking of homeless people... I see this guy around the neighborhood all the time. He has a limp and walks really slowly, especially if he's on an incline. Homeless people in NYC are certainly not few, but did you know the city has a department of people who walk around the city and try to find and help the homeless people?

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