Friday, January 29, 2010

Silence is

I remember when the overwhelming sound of silence at work (interrupted only by sounds of typing and mouse scrollers) really bothered me.  Having worked in a middle school the lack of chatter and other noise was such a problem, that I actually started to wear headphones and listen to at work (with the boss's ok- they're very flexible at BIG INC). 

On Wednesday after I settled in, my phone properly charging with earplugs ready for some pandora tunes, I realized that I didn't want the background noise.

I wanted the silence. 

I haven't used my earphones once this week.

Eat at your own peril: Fast food.
I stopped at McDonald's the other day, and boy was it good.  We don't have much fast food in our diet, so it is a special treat. Well. All day Thursday I had such gas. And you know what happens when you're breastfeeding?

Poor Ranger had all kinds of gas, and let me tell you, it could clear the room.  When I signed him into daycare this am, my note on how he slept included an apology from Ranger, about the potency of his gas.

If I had known the "quiet room" (aka the lactation room) was so lovely, I would have tried to claim that I was pumping in advance of the baby.

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  1. LOL'ing at this post. You know, one of the things I liked best about my new job was that I actually worked with people! I thought I'd hate it, but I actually liked the chatter.

    Now, after a few months, I'm not sure I'd mind if everyone decided to stop talking. At least for a day or two. ;)


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