Thursday, May 7, 2009

weather blues

I want to see some sun.

Well, doesn't seem too optimistic. Picture came out fuzzy, but it's all clouds

Pretty please?

Google is confused- what's up with the sun with clouds and rain?

Pretty please with a cherry on top? is a little optimistic, not enough to put a sun picture on Sunday, but enough to say "Sunny".

I probably wouldn't survive well in Alaska during the dark months...or in Seattle where I hear it's rainy all the time there. Or Forks, the setting of Twilight...


  1. But if you were in Forks, you wouldn't care about the rain. 'Cause you'd have Edward. Sigh.

    Please don't look at the forecast for southern California. I'd still like to be friends. ;)

  2. That's funny...Here, I'm LONGING for rain and cold and gloom. LOL Maybe our wires got crossed somewhere. I actually miss all the gloomy, grey, rainy weather in England...that plus the darling little villages and shops are what I miss the most. I'm a rain girl. I always said that was my "imagination weather." Good for writing and creating. :) They've been threatening rain all week...and nothing. Just sunshine, which is really annoying because I keep NOT watering my garden because it's "gonna' rain" then have to go out at 8 or so at night and give them a little because it never did. Sigh.


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