Saturday, May 1, 2010


I never know what to get my mother in law and grandmother in law for mother's day.  My mom and step mom are quite happy with cards (and have made it clear they don't expect gifts).

But E's family has different traditions.  Who knows what to get people who, like most well established adults, can get anything they want when they want it (instead of, say, hinting around to family members about wanting something)?

One year I painted a picture as a gift for E's grandma, had it framed at Michael's and though everyone ooohed and aaaahed over the gift - I've never seen it again. Not hanging it right away I understand. Not hanging it for a year and a half? I have to think it wasn't to her tastes (which is ok. But if she's not going to hang it up, I wish I could get it back and put it in my apt or give it to someone who will hang it).

Do you have this quandary of what to get your mom(s)?


 We went with Sabon products for both of them this year but we've been giving out Sabon gifts for the last few occasions so eventually we'll have to find something else.

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  1. Thanks for reminding me mother's day is coming up! As for gifts, I normally stick to something simple like flowers which my mom enjoys.


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