Thursday, May 6, 2010

Our Wednesday walk.

Yesterday Ranger and I went for a nice long walk. *Somehow* we ended up at Michael's way up at 100th. I figured we'd take the bus *with a stroller-gasp* back down to the 70s.

Well, let me tell you! I didn't quite get the seat back aligned properly, so the stroller wouldn't fold all the way closed. Thankfully someone helped me on to the bus. And super duper thankfully the metro card reader was down, because I couldn't figure out how I was going to get into my bag to get my card while holding Ranger and the not-quite-closed stroller.

I navigated past two seniors with walkers and towards the back.  There I was able to see why the stroller wouldn't close and make the needed correction. Phew.

BUT then there was getting off.  I was going to use the back door, which is the door you're supposed to use to exit, and I wouldn't have to navigate around the seniors again. Except the back door doesn't open unless you touch a yellow strip. And even then it doesn't stay open (it's apparently supposed to, but I've never had one stay open with out me holding it open). So here I am touching the yellow strip with my elbow and trying to use my tush to keep the door open while dragging the now fully closed stroller out of the bus. Thankfully someone helped me by holding the doors.

I took a deep breath and initiated the stroller open sequence (step on break and pull up on handle).  Only, nothing happened. NOW the darn thing wouldn't open. "Well," I said to Ranger, "Don't worry, I know JUST what to do" - even though secretly I wanted to sit on the sidewalk and call it a day, maybe set up a sign "mother - done in and in need of smiles".

I was standing outside of a Swatch store, one we have been in several times.  I walked in (still dragging the stroller and carrying Ranger) and said to the sales lady, "Can you hold my son for a moment?" She of course was instantly in love with his cuteness and was happy to help (not so sure she would have been so willing to help if she'd known that he'd grab hold of her loop earrings- that kid's got a good grip). I was able to get the stroller open and thanked the lady. That's three lovely helpful NYers, plus the one who told me about Ranger's new hat falling off. Then Ranger and I headed home.

Later I used the supplies I'd gotten from Michael's to make this shirt:

This is a prototype shirt for one idea I had for Ranger's City Baby clothes. The taxi here is in felt, so it won't really work after it's been washed.  And I want it to say T is for Taxi somewhere, but I'm not sure if I want it above the Taxi or below.

I have a few different ideas for Ranger's City Baby stuff. It would be awesome if I were able to get a few things nailed down enough that I could sell some. But that's further down the road.