Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Things to do

I recently picked up an official NYC visitor guide thinking that it would give me loads of ideas on things to do with Ranger during the day. And I was right!
Not only does it have all kinds of attractions and museums listed out with the admission costs and hours of operation, it also has great info on everything NYC- like hotels and dining and even services (legal, weddings, schools).

I am totally excited. I think I am going to sit down (in my next block of quiet time) and go through the list of museums and work up a (tentative) schedule. OR maybe we'll play it by ear. It's easy to get into a routine and not venture from it, so having a list will be great for getting out of that rut.

This week though, my goal is to get to the fashion district where there is a huge block of nothing but fabric stores. I'm sure I can find some taxi yellow suede fabric for my taxi shirt idea ...and possibly a lot of other great fabrics. Hm. I'll have to set a budget....

For now, Ranger and I are going to get dressed and take a walk before the rain moves in. Hope you are all having a delightful day.