Thursday, May 13, 2010

Out and about

The other day, in what turned out to be an unsuccessful attempt to find fabric, Ranger and I were walking around the Penn Station area. I had forgotten that eventually Penn Station will be replaced (I think completely, though maybe it will retain some of its traffic flow) by another building- the old post office. Before you start raising one eyebrow in confusion... this is the old post office:

You can just see the sign that announces that it's the future home of Moynihan Station.

*as an aside here- E's grandfather once was employed by the USPS at this very location- a fact E mentions pretty much every time we see the building*

Yesterday Ranger and I visited the Museum of Natural History.  My plan was to roam about for about an hour, catch the butterfly exhibit and maybe one other room. We stuck near the butterfly exhibit, so we saw the North American animals room. Sorry about all the profile pics of us- it's darn hard to take a picture of an exhibit with yourself (or the baby attached to you) in it.

We saw the butterfly exhibit, which while not the best I've ever seen, it was very good and Ranger seemed to really like it.  In addition to the live ones fluttering around in the enclosure, there are a lot of beautiful butterflies on display all scientific like outside the exhibit- all different colors and shapes. I might have hung out more, reading the little placards, but I was trying to time our entry into the exhibit between the large children's school groups.

This first picture we are looking into the glass enclosure and the other two are from inside the enclosure, where after three pictures my camera's battery warning started blinking (doh!)
This last one is the largest butterfly in the world. I thought it looked a little moth like, and there WAS a little placard that explained the difference- but by this point I was more concerned about Ranger's little happy flailing arms accidentally hitting one of the butterflies or little kids so I kept us moving (slowly) and didn't get to read much.  I'll have to look that one up later.
There are still several exhibits we want to see- the Silk Road is a limited time one like the butterflies, and I think Ranger will love the planetarium part...when he's a touch older.  There are halls where it will be perfect for him as a new walker...or knowing him, runner...
Maybe we should consider a membership at this rate...