Thursday, July 22, 2010

Apparently when I gave birth, I gave birth to a mini Dr. Jekyll/ Mr. Hyde. In the mornings Ranger is rather pleasant; happy to smile and sqeee and giggle (heh heh heh). In the afternoons, Ranger cries inconsolably for some time between twenty minute naps.  Ok, he's not inconsolable. He's content to be held. Given that I am not about to carry him around constantly, there is some crying involved.  I am assured it's a phase.

When I make dinner I get this, except I managed to get a partial smile for this photo, so imagine an Oscar worthy sad face and air raid siren level crying and TEARS!! and redness of his little face.

Which would be why occasionally I let him in the kitchen

BTW that's a cat food dish with a black cat painted on the bottom. One of my FB friends thought it was a rat. Plausible, I suppose if I lived in a grimy basement apartment...

Did I mention Ranger loves water?

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  1. Too cute (him in the water, that is) We went last week to a friend's house, and that's exactly what our boys did--got into their dog's water bowl and spilled it ALL over the kitchen (and slipped and fell, naturally.) So, don't think he necessarily outgrow THAT fast. LOL


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