Sunday, July 25, 2010

Looking forward

Lately I've had difficulty looking forward.
Looking forward to what, you ask.  The answer is the progression of time itself- and more specifically, the people and things that I would lose along the way.  There are reasons for this sudden fear of getting old. When I turned 30 I wasn't this anxious, but having a baby brought life in a new perspective (one day I will be the great grand parent who has to sit to hold the baby). And there have been other things too.
I was so focused on the negative aspects of getting older, that I forgot to find the wonders of aging. Then I saw this commercial, via a twitter from @FreeRangeKids

The video is so beautifully done, that I couldn't help but start seeing the things to look forward to.
And so, I raise my glass (of nice cold sweet tea) and toast: L'Chaim! To life

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