Monday, September 20, 2010

Movies I'd like to unsee

A while a go I watched the final X-Men movie. I had really liked the first two and so figured the third would be good too.
Look, it's not that I had anything against the effects or acting or any technical stuff. I just hated the entire plot. I hated how Gene became the big bad; I hated the deaths. I just wish I could unsee that movie.

I would also like to unsee that last Indiana Jones flick. The whole nuc the fridge thing....and the aliens... Sigh.

Are there movies you've seen that you'd like to unsee?


  1. It's not often I wish I could "unsee" a movie (I'm easily entertained), but I wouldn't mind unseeing From Paris With Love and The Backup Plan. Horrible.

  2. I totally thought Electra and Ultra Violet were a waste of time. Very dumb, and I like those types of movies, usually. Also, In the Name of the King. I LOVE Jason Statham, but that movie was just...well, missing a lot. It honestly felt like they cut about an hour's worth of movie out and then just stuck it all together, hoping it would all work out.


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