Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Yesterday I was walking along minding my own business when "it" happened. I rolled my foot. I knew immediately there was an injury- and called the doctor within a few moments.  I was only a block and a half away from home, so I thought I could make it. BUT I was wearing Ranger in the Bjorn and the added weight wasn't helping a bit. I happened to know my BIL's wife was home so I called her and asked if she was up to carrying a 17 lb baby (she's only got 6 weeks to go before she delivers Ranger's cousin). She helped me get Ranger to her place and took care of him while I iced and elevated my foot.

Today I spent three hours with various medical personnel.  I fractured my fibia- the very tip of it. Thankfully the dr said it was a very stable break, so I don't need a cast- just a boot. AND I can still walk up to 20 blocks a day.

To make all of this even more fun, I caught Ranger's cold and so have sinus pressure and a runny nose and sore throat and all that goes with a cold. Blah.

My main doctor is really great, and I love going there. I don't know if it's a NYC thing, or a city thing, or what, but they have a little dog in the office.  She's a very cute and soft and friendly dog. The nurse said that al of their patients like her, and no one has ever complained. In fact, she said she gets a lot of positive feed back.  I know some folks would be turned off by a dog in a medical place, but Maggie provided me some warmth and comfort today while I waited. The photo is too grainy to tell, but my ankle is swollen like a baseball.

The doctor only has one exam room, and there is only one doctor so sometimes you wait. But the doctor really spends time with you, really listens, and the wait is rarely long. I was getting squeezed in at the start of her lunch, so I did some waiting (iPad, where have you been all those hours in waiting rooms?). I was happy to pet the dog while I played on my iPad.

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  1. wow. Sorry to hear it! Glad she was home to help you!


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