Wednesday, September 8, 2010

following the script

me: I'd like to send these two packages media mail
post office lady: is there anything hazardous, liquid, perishable, or fragile in here?
me: No, just disks- media mail
post office lady: do you want to send this express mail over night?
me: Nope
her: do you want to send this with insurance for up to $100?
me: Nope
her: do you want to have delivery confirmation....
me (interrupting) Nope. Just sending these disks to my mom.
her: do you want it to get there priority mail first class?
me: nope-media m-
her (interrupting) do you want to send it priority mail?
me: media mail is fine

Post office lady picks up first package, places second on the scale. Repeats above conversation. End transaction with a list of items I may want in addition (do you want any stamps, money orders, packaging, etc).... 

I am sending my mom my dvd collection because we just don't watch them and I know she'll enjoy most if not all of them and likely share with my brothers. I am sending some in small boxes and some two at a time in mailer envelopes (so she gets a surprise in the mail more often).  So, I am in the post office frequently, and know all their questions, and despite saying up front what I want, they STILL go through every single question. Seriously, does it look like I want to pay $12 to send these disks overnight, especially since I can pay less than $3 for media mail. Sure it gets there more slowly, but there's no rush.

Some people I guess just have to follow their script.

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  1. They probably make the say all that. When I worked in fast food, they MADE us offer something else...a drink, fries, pie, whatever they didn't already get.

    It was annoying then and still is. :)


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