Sunday, September 5, 2010

Memories with out a point

My mom and dad "Santa" once got me a planetary projection device for Christmas. I don't recall any other present from that year, and I am not sure if this was 4th or 5th grade. But this present I left on the stairs. Despite repeated reminders to take it upstairs, the present stayed on the stairs until the inevitable happened-some body (me) kicked it by accident while running walking carefully down the stairs. The toy was broken.

For an earlier year's Christmas, I got a stuffed toy cat. I have heard many times since then the story of how badly I wanted a cat, and so tired after a long day of work, my mom stopped at the PX (post exchange aka retail store on base) and grabbed the first stuffed toy cat she saw. When she got to the checkout she was blown away by the price, but still got it for me. I still have it. Its whiskers are long gone, the white fur is a dingy color, and the tags were long ago cut off the ear, leaving a stud behind.

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