Friday, October 22, 2010

And the winner is...

So after a week of intense, multiple broker per day searching, we have found a nice 1100Sq ft place in Queens.  The master is huge- they currently have a queen bed and a twin bed in there. There is a small room we can use for Ranger's room. Plus there is still space for a living room and a dining area. The kitchen will even have a space for a eat in table if we want it to.

I love living on the Upper West Side, but the apartments we looked at were lacking. Some had too little space, others the neighborhood (further north than the UWS) turned us off, and others lacked laundry room in the building.

The area of Queens we're moving to is called Forest Hills. We were looking there for a while to buy, so this is also a great opportunity to test out that area. 

We still have some time left here on the UWS. And I have plenty of time to think of ways to spend all the money we'll be saving by renting in Queens instead of Manhattan.

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