Thursday, October 14, 2010

Walking and random bits

Well, Ranger's walking. Not as his primary means of movement- but that will soon follow, I'm sure.

We're looking at apartments this weekend- up by Columbus University. I am TRYING not to get any high hopes, but can tell already that my hopes are somewhat high because I want to get all this searching done and over with. Once we've found a nice rental, we can settle in there for a few years and not have to go looking again for a while. Cross your fingers on that one.

We're having Trader Joe's brand lasagna tonight. Did I ever tall y'all how I really truly thought that my uncle did a back flip if he found out we were having lasagna? I would always want to be the first to tell him, but inevitably someone had beaten me to it.

Why do babies come with the manipulation code already installed? They look up at you and you suddenly find yourself giving up a potato (see photo below) so they can "help"

Please every one give an extra hug to someone you love today.  I'm not going to write up a while post about it, but you can read about today's significance from last year's post.

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  1. Life of brian you-tube, you gotta download it and get it stuck in your head.
    I laugh every flippin' time I think about it.


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