Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Photo heavy post- random pictures from NYC

It only looks like the pedestrians are in danger

Did I show y'all this one already? The woman is pregnant.

patriotic fire hydrant on a lovely street

um, push or pull- it can't be both....

no ball playing, no carriages, no peddling, no loitering no sitting in front of building allowed

One of our baby sitters is an actor in this show.

Jack hammer!

steps that light up! Lincoln Center's renovations are almost all done

I read a blog where the author goes by Spuds, so I had to take this shot

Along Riverside Dr

This made me chuckle- an electronic tape dispenser.

little pumpkin big city- wait- that's not a bird, it's a spot of dirt on the outside window pane!

one of the unique aspects of Harlem's architecture.

if you look closely, there is a head depicted as hanging from one of the claws- that head has horns.

The big cathedral in the neighborhood of Harlem I was exploring in.

I like the build community part

if you look at the green sign, you can see that Disney funded this playground in Harlem.

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