Sunday, January 30, 2011

Testing! Testing!

So tomorrow I am taking the GMAT. It is the entrance exam for business school. I signed up for the test...oh...way back in July.

Now it is time to take it and I have since then decided that business school is not quite what I'm looking for. (Don't ask what I'm looking for because I don't have an answer yet)

So essentially tomorrow I am going to take a test because I waited too long to cancel and wouldn't get a refund.

I've not studied for this test. I've taken a few practice tests online and the results were great in the critical thinking, sentence correction, and essay...basically anything based on the language of English.  As opposed to the language of Math.  In the math parts I missed nearly every one of them.

Did I ever tell you about the time I took a test for Air Force ROTC, sort of like the ASVAB, which would help determine your future career placement.  I had no interest in being a pilot or navigator, so for the first time in my entire life, I "Christmas Tree'd" that portion of the scan tron. I didn't even look at the questions.

The scary thing about that test is I got better results by randomly filling in the bubbles than many people who wanted to be pilots, and I also did better than later when I took it again and actually tried to answer questions.

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  1. Have fun taking a test that, essentially, no longer matters. LOL Hey, at least there's no pressure. :)


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