Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It's a dog's life

I feel sorry for the dogs I see around the city. Usually they're out for a quick walk before work or before dinner. They want to play and jump and sniff...and sniff... and sniff. But stopping to sniff every spot that smells interesting (to a dog) takes too much time, and so their owners pull on the leash, tug them along, and sometimes pick them up to keep them moving (mostly I see smaller dogs, though there are plenty of larger ones, who are much harder to drag and tug and certainly can't easily be picked up).

There are dog parks, and dog runs, and dog walkers that people can and do use. But I find myself sad for the poor dog getting tugged and dragged along while they're trying to catch one last sniff of that lamp post. Every now and then I see a dog who is having the time of its life, playing with the leash and jumping along as the owner jogs or walks along the sidewalk. But mostly I see the dogs getting pulled and tugged and hurried along.

I wouldn't want to be a dog in the city.


  1. I agree. I want a puppy so bad, but I won't have one in an apartment. Dogs need space to run! It's not fair to keep them confined and then rush them along when they finally get out.

  2. That's one (of so many) reason I won't let Jason get his dream dog (a Great Dane). Moving around like we do, there's no guarantee of where and when we'll go, and I would hate to get a dog only to be forced to get rid of it in a few years because we can't afford to take it or don't have room, ending up in an apartment somewhere.


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