Thursday, August 13, 2009

I saw Clive Davis! Who's Clive Davis?

We had dinner last night with my in laws at a nice place called Pompano. Near the end of the meal, my brother-in-law's fiance whispered to us that sitting at the very next table, chair back against my father-in-law's chair back, was Clive Davis.
I had to Google him later, because I am just not plugged in to these things. In fact, E and I are so oblivious to famous people, that we could be in the same elevator with a super star and not know it. In that way we can fit in with locals, who even if they recognize someone, rarely if ever impose themselves on the famous people who live here.

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  1. Yeah, I'd have never known either...I had to look up who he was, too. :) Though the name did sound familiar, if that counts. LOL I've often thought, when seeing "candid" shots of celebrities, that I would never recognize these people if they knocked on my door and asked to use the phone! Seriously. We're not into those things either. The few people I'd get excited about seeing, most people probably wouldn't even know who was. :) Oh, well.


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