Thursday, February 24, 2011

This is why I wouldn't make a good professional blogger

There are some bloggers out there, like Dooce and NYCMama who bring in money because they have Talent. And I mean that with the capital "T".

And while I might have talent, I just don't have the ______ to post interesting topics every day. I leave the spot blank because I am not sure if it's persistence, determination, ability to live off of three hours of sleep (seriously- NYCMama is always on twitter and facebook and going on trips and still is clearly an awesome mom and wife- no way she does that on more than four hours!). (if it's not clear, I <3 NYCMama and hope to take the same approach to the city that she does with her boys).

I also am struggling with my voice here. The common advice is to write as though you are writing to your BFF- but, well, she already knows all this stuff. I also am not about to air dirty laundry or do a lot of venting here because 1) what goes into the internet stays there forever and ever amen and 2) some of my readers are family and the last thing I want is for someone to think I actually mean it. "It" being something I would or would not write about in a way that might or might not be misconstrued as less than flattering, or more flattering than it should be.

So you see the dilemma.

Any how, on with the show.

I do have a few thoughts to share with you about our recent move from the UWS to Queens.

The people on the UWS were overall much more friendly. I thought I was imagining things until we met a couple who without prompting said the same thing. I am not sure what the deal is, but there is a lot more scowling done when your stroller gets stuck in the slush, more snide remarks about not remembering to say thank you to the person holding the door while you're trying to get a crying toddler and his stroller out of the store (one person even got gruff because we forgot to say "you're welcome" after she said thank you!), and generally a vibe that is just not the same.

The mom and pop stores are great- but the owners and or customers expect you to know exactly how to do things (order your bagels, or bring in your laundry, for example...all the places we had used for laundry in the past provided a marked bag for you after the first time. All I got was a lecture about needing a bag- and a lost hoodie).

The demographics here are skewed more to the retired-and-cranky or retired-and-overly friendly with babies.... which come to think of it might explain why I have only found one playground.

But I can say that there is a subway stop half a block away, instead of the several blocks we had to walk on the UWS.  In fact, the public transportation options open up a great deal more of the city to us.  It should be easier to take Ranger to all the fun, touristy, local, adventurous, peaceful places the city has to offer.

And we have met plenty of nice people (like the ones who saw that I'd left my bag and caught my attention and that couple we met who were so like us in so many ways it was eerie).

I think we still have some settling in to do, and not just on the moving into the apartment end (I am ignoring the handful of boxes still left to unpack).

I like it here and look forward to living here for a while (no more looking at places, please!!!)

Aaaand this post exemplifies why I couldn't make money off of blogging (not that I'd want to- talk about pressure!)  It's possible the only people who could and would follow along with all that rambling are family and my BFF.

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  1. You do a better job than you think you do. :) And you do sound like you, your writing, that is. Me, I just run out of stuff to tell people about because most things aren't "anyone's business" kinda' like what you mentioned. I don't want everyone (and just anyone) to know personal info. about me. And I'm okay with that. I don't blog for money or the hope of making it. LOL I just like to show off a few things I make to friends and family (and anyone else who likes to look) and to keep a record of it all for myself. shrug. That's enough for me.


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