Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Exo, Forest Hills: a review

We have eaten at Exo now on several occasions, so obviously we like it. We had our father's day dinner there last night, and we had our mother's day dinner there.
Good food and a nice selection (they have a brunch I haven't tried but looks good)
Friendly staff
Space for larger groups
Tables perfect for two (date night!)
A nice looking bar area we haven't used
Family friendly
Decent prices (by this I mean the prices are probably high if you aren't from the metropolitan area, but if you live here you wouldn't find them expensive)
For some reason, despite multiple in person complaints and online reviews with the same complaint, Exo keeps the music way too loud. For that reason alone I think we will stop using Exo as our family dinner (all 10 of us).
Most of the seating is on the upper level, and there are no ADA ways to get up there. However, if you are reserving a table, you can request a downstairs seating. They are also lovely with helping you either get your stroller up the stairs or let you leave it down by the hostess station.
Location could be seen as a drawback if you aren't a big walker (read: not from around here) and arrive by train or subway. But there is a parking lot very close. If you live here it is really not a shlep.
I've had their burgers, and would highly recommend them (the fries are delish!)
I have had their Portobello Handwich and loved it. The grilled chicken has consistently been perfectly cooked and the mushrooms and mozzarella and other fillings are just so tasty that I gobble up the whole
sandwich Handwich.

Everyone enjoyed what they had, salads and fish and sliders. One thing that disappeared quickly was the sampler appetizer. I am not sure of the name of the piece of cheesy goodness I got when the plate came to me, but Oh.Em.Gee it was so good. A little like a jalapeno popper, but with a new look and slightly different spices in the breading. I tried to take a picture, but the lighting was horrible and I couldn't get a close enough shot for anyone to tell what it was let alone the reading and gooey cheese. Mmmmm
I totally recommend Exo.

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