Thursday, October 27, 2011

Don't let the Pigeon Run this App: a review

We just got this app today. 
I am a huge Moe Millems fan, and I just knew we'd love this Pigeon app.

Ranger and I spent a good hour playing with it (in toddler minutes, that's almost a whole day!) and then he played with it with his daddy just before bedtime.
There are three story types to chose from. The first one is basically like any book (except each time you go through some of the nouns will have changed, like the pigeon promising to play dress up one time, but the next time soccer). The second type allows the reader to pick these nouns, and the third one is more MadLib in that you can pick anything!
You can also learn to draw the pigeon, and your "artwork" becomes part of the story. 
Here's a little bit of Ranger making selections.

And more of him playing with it:

I am tickled pink with this app. I am so looking forward to more apps like this!

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