Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Donating my Chai Latte to a good cause

Those of you who have been reading this blog for a while know I love love LOVE Starbucks' Chai lattes.

For the month of December, I am donating the money I would use for Chai Lattes to City Harvest. This donation will help feed hungry New Yorkers- children, families, possibly people I see every day, possibly strangers I pass without seeing.

The month of December we spend a lot of time thinking about what to gift the people in our lives, what we might be getting, where we have to go and when to get deals, to be with family, to fit work in with the holiday chores and cheer....

I am taking a simple pleasure - Chai Lattes, and donating it to people for whose worries in December are about getting enough to eat.

I encourage you all to find a little something you can donate to someone in need this month. I know I can spare my Starbucks trips. You might have old coats and warm sweaters, you might have extra time to give a helping hand- you might be able to pick up toys for the many toy drives.

If you would like to donate to City Harvest, I have placed a link to the City Harvest donation page on the upper right hand side of my blog page.

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  1. I think that's great. :) We have a food pantry at our church, and I try and get things here and there when I go get my own groceries and take them there. But I'm AMAZED at how many hungry/out of work/etc. that come by month after month, just in my litle neck of the woods. And while I know that you know this, that this is not at all what you meant, I have to add that we should remember the hungry every month of the year and not just at Christmas. Though certainly extra effort during the holidays isn't a bad thing at all. :)


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