Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Playdate at the American Museum of Natural History

Yesterday Ranger and I met up with some friends for some fun at the museum. I love that we are members and can get our friends in on our membership.

Even though we have seen the frog exhibit, it was like a perfect place for the two little ones to run about while the two moms got to chit chat. LittleG and Ranger had a blast looking at all the frogs. The poison dart frogs offered the opportunity to point out colors both boys have started to recognize recently.

From there we made a winding way to the fourth floor, my favorite dinosaurs (primarily because there is good space for little boys to run around).

Afterward we hit Shake Shack, where I couldn't find my wallet. While the others stayed to eat, I went racing around to the lost and found, called my bank to cancel cards, and generally beat myself up for losing the thing. I rejoined the gang after my efforts and had a cheeseburger.

Despite the craziness, I had a great time. My metro card and rail ticket had not been in my wallet, so after we parted ways with our friends, I got to Penn station with about five minutes to sit before they called what track we would need (it used to make me quite anxious, not knowing what track would be the one we needed, but they announce it ten minutes prior to departure and we have a "secret" spot to wait where I can still hear and see the announcement, and get to the elevators, all without dealing with any crowd congestion. I sit on the floor and Ranger plays with the iPad and time passes quickly.) While we were waiting I discovered I had not lost my wallet, it had just ended up in a nook in the diaper bag, and being so small a wallet had all but disappeared in the bag.

Frogs, dinosaurs, Shake Shack, AND not losing my wallet- I'd say the day was a success!

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