Friday, November 18, 2011

Glazed Donut Monster

So the other day on Facebook, I made a specific reference to an old Bill Cosby skit (my son has a cold- see post title). You can listen to it here.

My family used to quote Bill Cosby skits at every possible occasion. In fact we didn't consider it family time unless someone quoted one of his skits.  I find myself quoting his skit on forgetting kids names. I might be misquoting, but it after calling one kid several different names, the mom asks, "What's your name, and don't lie to me I know where you live." I also like the newlywed skits- there's one with a lizard...although my all time favorite is this one. I was particularly bad at spilling things at the table, so when ever I knocked something over, we brought up this skit and had a good laugh.

I don't remember all of the skits we quoted- or rather, I remember bits and pieces "my uncle had a hat attack, his hat, attacked him!" "kid went crazy jumped out the window" "hey ma, next time let me pull your finger"....

The point is I was reminded of how much those skits meant to us.  They gave us a lot of laughter as a family, and that's not something that can be forgotten.

I know he still does stand up, and if I were able (as in he came to NYC) I would really try to get to one of his shows. I hear he's still a hoot.

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