Monday, November 21, 2011

Cookies and Muppets

Every year around this time I make cookies. Making cookies is part of my nostalgia for the start of the holiday season. I kid you not when I say one year I made, in one day, 8 types of cookies, baked every batch, and passed them out to neighbors. (True story, I had met a guy in passing who clearly lived in the building, but didn't get even a name, so my plan was to deliver the cookies door to door- only I chickened out after all that work and just Left the plates with the cookies outside each door, with a short note. This was years before I met E. and the only thing that came out of it was a tea with an old lady)This year I am behind! I have taken with a miserable cold (me and Ranger both) and even on days when I had energy and felt reasonable, my rule of thumb is no baking when sick. Today I think I am past the worst of the cold, but lost my voice when everything migrated to my lungs. I hardly had enough voice to order my chai latte! That's serious y'all!Yesterday I felt great in comparison! We even spontaneously met up with friends and their son (same age as Ranger) and took the subway to the Muppet exhibit at the museum of the moving image. For some reason I thought it would be more kid friendly, but it's a no touch no photography exhibit. Still, the boys had fun and we had lunch at Five Napkin Burger across the street. When we got home we still had half the day to chill and rest and mind my health. I was sure I'd wake up and feel even better. Bah. Pa. I am writing this in a new app and can't figure out how to get paragraph breaks in. I apologize for the visual block of words.

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