Monday, February 27, 2012

Date night

The other night we finally got to have our Valentine's Day dinner, delayed due to life events.
Like the NYCers we are, we took the Subway (yes, all dressed up).

 I liked the advertisements... from Google's Good to Know campaign (you should Google it- good info)

I liked this art piece as well. If you look closely you can see two nuns, a man in a bear suit, and a Rabbi, all smooshed up just like the subway is in real life.

We ate at Park Ave Winter. They change everything with the season. The food, the decor, I imagine the uniforms even. In winter mostly every thing is white. They do an awesome job of making everything feel special without coming across as food snobs (I had to ask what part of the menu meant, it was a sauce, which I surmised but I couldn't figure out what kind. THEN I had to ask if the wine in the sauce was ok for me to have -I'm showing enough we didn't have to tell her I'm pregnant- and if I could have it on the side anyway).  The waitress was extremely nice.  She even recommended the iced tea to drink. It would have been my choice, but she said it was her favorite and wow I have got to say I wish I could drink that every single day. Seriously. AND they included in the sugar assortment a liquid simple sugar so if had wanted the tea sweat I wouldn't be stirring half undissolved sugar in my tea all night.

I have one picture from the restaurant, and that is their highly delicious side dish, Broccoli and Cheetos in cheese sauce. And the picture does not do it justice. We are talking good for you with a touch of not so good for you while tasting wonderful.
I imagine there is nothing on the menu that isn't excellent. I had sirloin that had green pepper ground up on the top (I scrapped much of it off, so that I got the flavor without the inevitable heartburn). E had a pork dish that was just the right mix of smoky and sweet. Then we shared a perfectly portioned, very tasty spiced cake and ice cream dessert.

We took a yellow cab home, which was nice because I was wearing a dress and even with the thick-ish tights I was quite cold. We were home in no time.

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