Saturday, May 5, 2012

A review of Dinosaur Zoo

This app sent my 2 1/2 year old into spontaneous hysteria. At a restaurant. Note to self, new apps might *sound* like a great way to distract the kiddo, but some apps cause more of a disturbance through hysterical laughter than the whining that prompted the iPhone/iPad rescue to begin with.

What was it that Ranger found funny? Some of these dinosaurs are programmed to appear to break your glass if you mess with them long enough. And it does take a little while so just when you think, oh, this one must not do much...WHAM! It "rams" into the "glass" or smacks its tail against it and cracks appear (quick to fade so you can start over again). Cue historical toddler laughter.

Some of the dinosaurs are not quite as smash happy- one sneezes on the glass...another will poop (think large dinosaur here- but thankfully *just* far enough away that it's the sound you notice first...then the pooping). So far there were only a couple that didn't generate a reaction from Ranger.

This app has two additional packs you seem to get for free but have to download from within the app. I'm not sure if they intend to charge in the future, or add more, but the two free packs are worth it.

I don't particularly like the pooping dinosaur (we WERE at dinner after all) but the target audience is not people like me. What I know about dinosaurs I learned from Dinosaur Train. In fact, the names used in this app greatly confuse me because what looks *to me* to be the spiky tank like creature that in Dinosaur Train world is called is called something else... Euoplocephalus... Maybe they're in the same family or something.

Great app and looking forward to updates that I can surprise Ranger with...

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