Thursday, August 30, 2012

I LOVE trains!

Today I took Ranger and Ronen* on the subway. It had been a very long time since Ranger had been on the subway, and he had been watching the Mighty Machines episode with subways featured, so he was SUPER excited! So much so that when we got off the R after three stops with the intent on going to the mall, he instead wanted to go back down and on the train again. We ended up riding the R, then the M back to our start point, then the E one stop and the F back to our start point.

I know Ranger wanted to keep this up, but Ronen was starting to fuss. Ranger cried, "Train! Train!" our way home. I distracted him with a promise for a pepperoni and cheese snack.

Tomorrow we are taking Ronen on his first LIRR ride to visit friends on the UWS. Ranger is going to be so excited to ride the trains again!

*I am test driving Ronen as the baby's net nickname. It is his Hebrew middle name and means joy or song. He has indeed brought us much joy.

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