Monday, October 15, 2012

Good luck Lisa P.

Our sitter is headed home to Washington (state) to continue her education. She started with us way back when I had that ankle surgery. Ranger was a year and a half. Just when we thought we'd be needing less of her services, I got pregnant and was too sick, tired, or dizzy to take Ranger to the park, much less chase after him!

Lisa P, despite her being in her early twenties and not a parent, taught me a few things about this job of raising a child. Like to never assume a child couldn't do something. She had Ranger recognizing left from right way before I would have thought to introduce him to directions. Now he will tell you each turn to the playground and get upset if you don't follow his directions.

She understood our parenting style and held Ranger to our expectations. She was just the right mix of firm and gentle.

Best of all, she was almost always available, could usually come last minute, and enjoyed playing with Ranger. Sometimes she even came with a Chai Latte for me (like when I was on crutches).


No more hearing Ranger exclaim, "WeesaP! when she arrives.
He will miss having someone run the stroller down to the elevator saying "Zoooom"!

Alas, we knew she would not be in NY forever. We wish her only the best.


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