Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Competition to

Have y'all seen I usually think of it as just, but man, they have added some categories!

Now it is not just, and under one "roof" - it's everything you could need!

There is a book "store" that looks quite well done. I imagine Ranger will get some books from there soon!

There's an all natural store

There is a store for sports equipment.

The housewares store has a lovely layout.

In addition to what you can find on, they have a section dedicated to toys.

And they have what looks like a spa store, so in addition to the beauty supplies you can get on, there is a specific section for pampering yourself.

I made a small order last night and my items are set to arrive today. THAT is awesome!

Look, they're not paying me or anything. I just think it's awesome that there is somewhere other than to buy a bunch of things with one checkout.

Now I need to catch up on my holiday shopping....

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