Saturday, December 1, 2012


I wanted to write a post about Ranger's birthday. Something sentimental and heartfelt and sappy. But instead I have a migraine, brought on by too much fun for once. The pirate party went awesomely (pics to come, probably) and so did the rest of the day.

So, here are some random things I love about my kid:

When Ranger says "excuse me" it sounds a little like "good music"

He thinks the cat will eat the iPad.

I love the way he says "good morning daddy"

He knows we take the 1 train to the upper west side. (As in, he will say we are going to the upper west side on the 1 train)

I can entertain him endlessly by riding the subway.

He runs with a little skip- almost a gallop.

He tells me he doesn't feel well, and when I ask what seems to be the problem, he tells me his sad button is stuck. He believes the sad button is on his foot and can be unstuck with lotion. (A stuck sad button was the best way to describe why mom or dad is sad- easier than explaining grief or other life complications)

He believes the mezuzah on our door keeps out the monsters and ghosts (he says ghostses)

Anything can be magic.

He says pretty pretty pretty please.

He quotes from his books and expects you to follow along.

He is a good big brother. One day when I set the baby on the rug in front of the couch so I could go in the kitchen, Ranger ran over and said, "mommy! I need your help! The baby fell on the floor!" He was genuine in his concern. This doesn't stop him from ignoring my warnings about rough housing around the baby- poor little guy almost got his first black eye from an errant elbow the other day.

He is a great friend to his pals.

His laugh- oh my his laugh is music to my ears.

He is a horrible actor. (Ouch! -fake fall- I gots a booboo!)

His sense of humor is beginning to come through, and he is a hoot.

He loves to help in the kitchen. He is learning about following recipes and I let him crack the eggs.

Ad so much more...

Ranger came into this world three years ago. He is a light in my life and he will surely give me grey hairs as he climbs, trips, plummets, jumps, crawls, twirls, hangs, and races trough this next year. I am proud he is my son.

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