Saturday, December 29, 2012

2T troubles

I keep finding 2T pajamas in the wash. Which means I have been dressing Ranger in small clothes. Pajamas tend to be flexible on sizes, so I have gotten away with it until now.

Now he is too big- a solid 3T and can even wear 4Ts if they run small.

The problem is mine, not his. I loved buying him the spaceship pajamas, for instance, and he really enjoyed wearing them. He has so many awesome pajamas that just no longer fit.

I didn't have this problem with other sizes. I recently shipped off a huge load of newborn clothes- some of which from Ranger's infancy we didn't even get to use this time. There were pieces I remembered vaguely, but nothing like to the same degree of emotional attachment.

Poor kid. I have been stuffing him into 2T pants- giving him the high water look because I get sad thinking about boxing them up for storage. I guess the year flew by so fast I feel like he just got these pajamas!

I probably shouldn't admit to finding an adorable 24 month shirt in his drawer. In my defense it IS close in size to a 2T. I set it aside for putting with the rest.

Sorta. It is on top of his dresser instead of the drawer. That's a start, right?

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