Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Three outstanding apps for toddlers

We recently bought three apps that are absolutely awesome.
They are absolutely worth the space they take up.

1. Bubble Guppies
2. Play Square
3. Nick Junior' Draw and Play.

If your kid likes Bubble Guppies, this app is sure to be a hit. I actually found myself playing with it a little! It has different games/activities and is pretty intuitive. Looks like they might have a sale going on, too!

Play Square

I have one complaint about this app, and that is that it takes some practice to make the "play square" and advance to the next activity. That said, I am happy with this app and wish there were more than one "episode". Look for the applause button in Pig's kitchen- got huge laughs at our house.

The sticker portion of this app has provided endless entertainment. The stickers move and talk and have all of your favorite characters.

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