Thursday, January 3, 2013

Totally not a sponsored post just me gushing about command strips

The title says this, but repetition is comfortable and helpful. I love Command Strips, I want to share all the ways in which I love these versatile little buggers, and the company has no involvement in my sharing this with you.

So. Where were we?

I use these things everywhere. One, I don't feel at home until something is on nearly every wall. Two, small city living means using vertical space when possible. Three we rent and I don't want to damage any more walls. Yes, there is one room in the house where Command Strips don't work, and I wanted a magazine rack to put potty training books on, and ended up with this:

There seems to be a Command Strip for every task. Hanging pictures, hanging coats, backpacks, and stroller accessories.

That is one of the 5lb hooks holding the car seat adapter and rain cover.
Here is a collection of other uses around the house:

Take a look at those pics. The one with the orange and blue track thing? That is a car track set held up by Command Strips that were included in the box. Also on that wall are white paper bags being used to store different groupings of toys, indicated on the outside of the bag.

In the picture with the large clock- do you see the storage unit at the right edge? That holds the baby's clothes and is held to the wall, like everything else, by Command Strips. The only time I tried to use nails in the master bedroom was one day after moving in. I hammered and hammered and ended up with a hole in the wall- bigger than the ones in the bathroom. I called the painter and he came and fixed the wall and repainted that portion. For a fee of course. That is when I first started using Command Strips.

That storage unit was in the kitchen for a while. I replaced it with a steel shelving unit, but you can see I have plenty of Command Strips in the kitchen:

The newest additions are the colorful measuring cups- Ranger loves to cook and bake so I am slowly getting him Curious Chef tools from Amazon.

The surge strip that is barely visible is also held on by Command Strips. What can I say? I love these things. If there was a stronger version I would hang all my pots and pans. Apartment living means limited cabinet space, so if I could clear up any space at all, I could not have an avalanche of kitchen stuff every time I open a cabinet door.

I like that I can reposition these without damaging the wall. I hung the globe up in Ranger's room and decided to move it whe he could see it from the bed (the globe lights up).

If it is on my wall, chances are it hangs there because of a Command Strip.

There. I shared. It is my opinion. The company doesn't know I exist. But now you know how awesome these things are.

You're welcome.

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